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about float glass

Q.1. What is clear float glass?
A1. Clear float glass is flat glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten tin and then passing it through the annealing lehr, where it cools gradually and comes out with uniform thickness and flat surface. The raw material used in making clear glass is sand, soda ash, dolomite, limestone and salt cake. It is available in varied thickness ranging from 2 to 22mm.

Q.2. Factors to be kept in mind while choosing clear float glass?
A.2. Visual Light Transmission: The percentage or fraction of light that is transmitted through the glazing.
Thickness: Different thicknesses can be used ranging from 2mm to 25mm depending upon the application and usage.

Q. 3. Is the float glass used in your window safe? (Avoid breakage of float glass and improve safety of building occupants).
A.3. By using tempered (Fully toughened) safety glass we can avoid thermal breakage of the glass and improves the safety of building occupants. Tempered glass is approx five times stronger than annealed glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. Tempering is done by heating the annealed glass just below the softening point (620˚C) and then cooling it rapidly and uniformly.

Q.4. Are you afraid of standing next to your glass window/facade? (Come and open your world by seeing through the sparkling clear glass of your window without fear).
A.4. By using tempered (Fully toughened) safety glass in your window/facade you can be rest assured that the glass will not break easily. Tempered safety glass is four to five times stronger than annealed glass. The brittle nature of tempered glass causes it to shatter into small oval shaped pieces when broken. This eliminates the danger of sharp edges and injury to anybody standing next to it.

Q.5. What is thermal breakage in float glass?
A.5. Thermal breakage occurs when thermal gradients are induced in the glass due to uneven heating of glass. The uneven heating can be caused by solar irradiance or other heat sources. This uneven heating of the glass pane causes induction of tensile stresses in it and breaks the glass when exceeds certain amount.

Q.7. What is U-value?
A.7. U-value is the measure of the rate of non solar heat loss or gain through the material. The lower the U-value, the greater a product’s resistance to heat flow and better its insulating value. It is measured as the amount of heat lost through a one square meter of the material for every degree difference in temperature on either side of material. It is indicated in units of watts per meter square degree Kelvin. A double glazed unit gives U –value of 2.8 W/m2˚k.

Q.8. What is solar factor?
A.8. It is the fraction of solar radiation that actually enters the building through window assembly as heat gain. It is the sum total of directly transmitted energy and the energy reradiated by the glass to the inside atmosphere after being absorbed by the glass.

Marketing and after sales Service:
The Float Glass Marketing is controlled from its Mumbai office. There are 3 zonal offices, at Vadodra (For West Zone); Bangalore (For South Zone) and New Delhi (For North and East Zone). Float Glass Exports is administered from Kolkata office and Processed Glass Sales from Mumbai office.

There are over 45 marketing and sales professionals dedicated to serve customers 24X7. All of them have been duly trained by global No. 1 sales training agency – Mercuri Goldmann of Sweden.

We have comprehensively evaluated the prospects of our appointed dealers who would be our proud partners in our journey of progress. We have appointed more than 400 dealers to ensure availability of our material in every corner of the country.

The back end is supported by CSD (Customer Service Department), which is located at Halol plant and maintains a direct link with all the dealers to serve them effectively.

The mutual trust with our customers based on well defined marketing and credit policy and supported with timely delivery has helped HNG Float garner 13% Indian market share within 2 months of its start and establish new standards for the industry.

With full fledged BTL activities already on swing, we are waiting for opportune time to launch our ATL (TVC, Radio, Print, etc) activities. For our Branding activities and customer engagement we are ably supported by JWT (No. 2 creative agency in the country).